Driving the Blues of the First Yoga Class

Congratulations on your decision to move towards a healthy lifestyle and practice Yoga. As a beginner, you would have certainly chosen a class of yoga for beginners at one of the best yoga studios in Los Angeles. However, being your first step towards Yoga, you may be unaware of what the yoga class holds in store for you. You would probably be a little nervous about practicing yoga with seasoned students at a new place.

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Tips for Comfort 

So, here are a few tips to help you be better prepared to attend your first class. A clear understanding will drive the blues away and also help you feel comfortable, confident and better prepared to take your first step towards Yoga practice.

Here’s the list.

  • Dashing into an existing yoga class will only increase your nervousness and make it more challenging for you to fit into the group. So, a good idea is to reach early, feel comfortable with the place, locate the wash room and interact with the students and teacher.
  • Remember to go for the class on an empty stomach.
  • Being nervous is common in most students. However, stress and tension will make yoga practice all the more challenging. So, stop clenching your fingers and toes and relax. It will make the class easier and interesting.
  • Wearing socks and gloves is not required for a yoga class.
  • Avoid looking here and there to check how others are practicing. It will only make it more difficult for you to practice your posture. Keep the focus only on yourself.

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Despite this, it is important for you to choose a teacher and studio that is encouraging for beginners. Namastday is one such yoga studio that encourages beginners to practice and benefit from yoga practice.

For further details:

Namastday Yoga Center
113 North San Vicente Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
PHONE : (310) 923-9922
Email: info@namastday.com
Website : www.namastday.com

Practicing Iyengar Yoga for Health Benefits

You require medication and treatment when you are unhealthy or ill. It is therefore, natural to believe that you are healthy if you are not suffering from any illness or disease. However, this is not true. The famous yoga guru B.K. S Iyengar states that physical fitness is not equivalent to good health. Good health is the perfect blend of physical, spiritual, and mental health. Iyengar yoga practice, designed and developed by B.K.S Iyengar can help in achieving this perfect mix and thus, good health.


Components of Health   

Yoga states that many imbalances exist in the body, which most people are unaware of. Although they believe that they are healthy, these imbalances eventually turn into illnesses and diseases. With the right postures, breathing exercises and asanas of yoga, these imbalances can be corrected; thus promising improved health. So, yoga practice not only complements conventional medicine in treating diseases, but also prevents future illnesses and maintains the health of healthy people.

What’s more, you need not be an expert or have a flexible and fit body to practice this form of yoga. Iyengar Yoga is popularly known as Yoga for beginners. However, optimum results from this form of yoga can be attained only when practiced under the expert supervision of well-trained teachers like those at Namastday.

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The instructors here focus on the students and help them get the pose and asana right with the help of props. Students, whether experienced in yoga or not can learn and benefit from it at the best yoga studio in Los Angeles: Namastday. Moreover, they have different workshops at different timings. You can choose one according to your convenience.

For further details, contact them at www.namastday.com.

6 Ways to Empower Yourself with Yoga Workshops

Yoga is a practice of cultivating overall health and energy in the body, and self-understanding and self-esteem in the mind. It is a process of soothing your mind and elevating your body. In the cauldron of chaos, everyone wants to get a tranquil space and yoga provides them the opportunity.

Moreover, it is considered to be the perfect ailing treatment for the ones who are suffering from health issues like a pain in the muscles, diabetes, obesity or something else and for the ones who believe in the concept that ‘health is wealth’. Yoga is not the concept of today, it was originated in the past days while the yogis preferred to pass their days in the solitude, far away from the busy lifestyle to learn the technique of elevating body and mind. Even centuries after the techniques are there. But you also need to learn to promote union and communion.

As a beginner, you are hardly aware of the technique. And to unfold the wrap, you would obviously like to join yoga for beginners classes. Here, the instructors will not only teach you the techniques but also make it sure that you feel comfortable while you are practicing it.


If you are shy in nature then you might find it difficult to share your problems with the instructor and will return back to your home by carrying dissatisfaction at heart. The ideal way to overcome the issues is to attend the yoga workshops. In a workshop, the instructor talks with the participants in one-to-one manner and clears all of their doubts regarding postures and techniques.

Are you thinking why to attend yoga workshops in Los Angeles? Have a look at the following details:

  • Everybody is different
  • Shift your awareness
  • Open the door to something deeper
  • Find your tribe
  • Support your teacher and studio
  • Renew your commitment

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, a workshop will deepen your understanding of yoga. You will come to learn about different types of yoga, the advantages of practicing it, its origin and many more.


Namastday Yoga is a reputable yoga studio in Los Angeles. They help their students to embrace the techniques of yoga. All of their professionals are certified and experienced in this field. The professionals not only teach the techniques in the classes, they arrange several workshops for their students. And the ultimate goal of the workshop is to help you in overall development.

If you are hankering for a yoga studio where you can practice yoga in a tranquil atmosphere then choose them. To explore more about the technique or to get their assistance, call at (310) 923-9922 or visit http://www.namastday.com.