The Right Amount of Yoga

Thanks to its several benefits, yoga is practiced by almost all Americans. In fact, you will find Yoga classes, yoga workshops in Los Angeles almost everywhere. However, each class is different from each other. What’s more, the style of yoga they teach is also different. Moreover, while one class lasts for 45 minutes; another may last for an hour. What’s more, yet another may even last for an hour and forty-five minutes.

Yoga for beginners

Then, there are your friends and relatives; not to forget the models on the cover pages of magazines in varied yoga poses and sculpted bodies that challenge you towards the best yoga. These are the factors that create a dilemma about how much yoga is enough? Is there any ideal limit?

How Much Yoga?

First and foremost, the first time you step into yoga, just accept your body the way it is. The model on the magazine cover may twist all her limbs, while you may not. Yes, practicing yoga regularly does make your body flexible. So, at the onset just do what it right for your body.

Set your goals. Understand why you are doing yoga after all.

Do you want to shed the kilos quickly? Do you want to take up a physical activity? Do you want to release stress on the doctor’s orders? Do you want to add fitness to your schedule? Choose a class, yoga style and timing based on the goals.


There is no right time for practicing yoga. Ideally, 20 to 30 minutes of physical practice along with 5 to 10 minutes of breathing exercises is good at the onset. However, you will attain the benefits of yoga in the stipulated time when the yoga practice is designed and crafted to suit your needs, goals and requirements. So find a good yoga studio with a good yoga instructor.

One such is Namastday.

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Learn Yoga From The Yoga Therapists

Yoga for beginners - Namstday Yoga

If you are a novice, it might be difficult for you to embrace all the techniques of yoga. Want to get the assistance from the professionals? We, the professionals of Namastday Yoga Center are here to help you. We will assist you in every step so that you don’t have any problem while practicing yoga. To join in the yoga classes or to learn about yoga for beginners, call us today.

Complement Medical Care With Yoga Therapy

Complement Medical Care With Yoga Therapy

To improve your mental and physical health, Namastday Yoga Center brings different types of yoga to you. The holistic focus of the therapy is to encourage the integration of mind, body, and spirit. We have created a safe and educational environment for our students to learn and grow in. Our loving community is here to accompany you in having the preeminent experience you’ve ever had in a yoga class.

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Empower Yourself With Yoga Workshops

You attend yoga classes regularly; now, it is an inseparable part of your life. However, then also, you feel that there is a gap between what the professionals taught you in the classes and what you practice. To fill the gap, attend yoga workshop. While the classes last for 90 minutes, the workshops generally last for a few hours and highlight a single technique or topic.

Yoga Workshop in Los Angeles

Participating in yoga workshops in Los Angeles is empowering. And here are the reasons:

Proper alignment:

Nothing is more important than proper alignment in your asana. With the extra time added to this class, there will be extra attention paid to doing it and modifying it when necessary.

Advance your practice:

Even though when you practice five days a week, a workshop will be beneficial for you. It is a good opportunity to hone in on specific postures, which causes trouble. Arm balances, as well as inversion workshops, are a great place for you to take the next step.

Build community: 

Workshops give you an opportunity to meet people with similar lifestyles and interests. A student who attends the workshops is able to learn more about yoga, so don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation as you have one thing in common.

Namastday Yoga Center is the hub from where you can sharpen your skill of yoga. It does not matter whether you are a novice in this field or an experienced one, their professionals will be with you and make it sure that your fitness goals are fulfilled properly. Do you have any questions? Feel free to call at (310) 923-9922. You can visit their website

Iyengar Yoga Synchronizes the Body and Mind

Day after day, yoga is gaining immense popularity with the masses. What’s more, the different styles of yoga give people an opportunity to choose a style matching their needs, requirements, and expectations. Moreover, yoga, unlike other forms of exercise is known to build a relationship between the mind, body, and soul.

Why Will You Choose Iyengar Yoga

What’s more, this synchronization promises immense benefits to the mind and body. However, some people argue about these benefits of yoga. For; doing poses and postures is merely a physical activity. However, this is a misconception.

Here’s how Iyengar yoga provides these benefits.

The Synchronization

Iyengar yoga boasts of three exclusive elements including technique, sequence, and timing.

  • As discussed above, Iyengar yoga includes the elements of technique, sequence, and timing. The asanas and postures are therefore, done with precision. It is therefore, important to focus on the asana while doing it. This keeps the mind from wandering, and thus, improves focus and concentration.
  • While mimicking the yoga poses shown by the instructor, the mind gets involved, thereby creating a relation between the body and mind.
  • When doing a pose or making an effort to do it right, the mind is completely focused on the body.
  • Deep breathing exercises practiced in Iyengar yoga clams and relax the mind, thereby taking it in a meditative state.
  • Instructors expect the students to emphasize on practicing the posture, not only to get it right, but to discover the truth behind the instructor’s teachings.
  • The mind is mostly filled with worries and stress about the future. However, as the body and mind are trained to focus on the present, it helps the student to shoo away the worries, repent about the past and rather live in the present.

So, join Iyengar yoga classes at the best yoga studio in Los Angeles; Namastday.

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