How 7 Chakra-Meditations Increase Personal Vitality?


Likely, meditation a day keeps your doctor away! That’s what convention says but, you need to understand the 7 chakra meditations for performing it right. It is a section of yoga that helps people to understand the shades of body. Also, it heals the energetic centers that has been overused or experiencing weakness.

Yoga Workshops, in Los Angeles, offer different courses on chakra meditation. Before joining any, avail this chance of basic homework. Firstly, learn the name of 7 Chakras –

  • Root Chakra or Muladhara
  • Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana
  • Stomach Chakra or Manipura
  • Heart Chakra or Anahata
  • Throat Chakra or Vishuddha
  • Third Eye or Ajna
  • Crown Chakra or Sahasrara

Practicing chakra meditations assist us to balance our personalities, improve our health condition, and increase our internal strength. That’s not the end of benefits – there are more in the list.

  • Develop staggering willpower
  • Boost the sense of love
  • Produces an ability to alter negativity into positivity
  • Builds power to recover and heal inner self
  • Develop a sense of self-worth
  • Enhances acceptance capability
  • Help you to have a focused mind
  • Make you an intuitive person

The above changes are visible only if you regularly exercise the 7 chakra-meditations. For that, you need to join Yoga workshops, in Los Angeles. If you are in search of a yoga studio designed with full-range of updated props, then Namastday Yoga is your destination! It offers comprehensive yoga classes for everyone from raw beginners to practiced learners.


5 Reasons to Attend Yoga Workshops



Online yoga tutorials has proliferated manifold in the last decade. We understand how difficult it is to find out time from the busy schedule to get into a gym or yoga studio. But there should always be time to find ways how you can take care of your health.

That being said, it is important to understand that it is not just the physical health that matters these days but is important to take good care of the psychological well being as well. The Yoga workshops in Los Angeles are one of the ways where you can find out how to develop the combination of the power of a healthy mind and body.

Here’s a list of reasons why the workshops are a good idea to get involved into:

They are the perfect place where you can pick apart poses and slowly rebuild them to train the muscles to get flexible. Workshops that focus on the physical practice are what you basically need to breathe new fire into your regular practice habits.

Workshops can be a time of self-learning and introspection. Anyone can take benefit from taking a step back and understanding where they lack in skills compared to the others. It helps to can discover why you dislike a pose and helps you bring in more heart and spirit into the daily practice sessions.

If you have been wondering about the whys and how of the practice such as why there are so many vinyasas or how to do a headstand, it is the time to get all your doubts clear through the Yoga workshops in Los Angeles.

Create your own tribe through the workshop bonds! Join the yoga community which is a great way to learn what your instructors are interested in. Often going through the physical struggles of a workshop builds camaraderie with your fellow yogis. This helps to build a bond through a common passion.

Whether you are an advanced level practitioner or are a beginner, practice can become monotonous. The “next step” waiting for you in your practice can be done in the workshop before your actual class shows it. Designed to be a lifelong practice, Yoga workshops are actually scopes to grow and flourish your poses.

If you are looking for where to enroll to understand about self care, The Namastday Yoga Center is definitely one of the most inspiring places to be at. Committed to guide you along the different types of yoga, Namastday is dedicated to help you practice asanas under expert surveillance. Get the knowledge of yoga by enrolling  yourself in a Yoga Workshop organized by  Namastday Yoga Center.


4 Unknown Facts About Iyengar Yoga

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A form of Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga emphasizes on detail, alignment, and precision in the performance of the posture as well as breath control.

Before you involve yourself in Iyengar Yoga Practice, here are the things that you need to be aware of:

  1. This form of yoga is known for its adaptability. As of its heavy use of props, Iyengar Yoga is probably the most adaptable yoga practice for people of all ages and sizes.
  2. Aligned poses are considered to be the safe poses. It is better to practice the poses in alignment first. You don’t need to understand the alignment by mind but your bones and muscles need to understand it. Only then, it would be easy for you to add lots of movement and creativity to your asana practice.
  3. Try to get out of your habits. The idea of patterns is one of the yoga philosophies that can resonate you. The detailed instruction of an Iyengar yoga teacher is the most beautiful way to bring awareness to the patterns of the body so that you can correct the unhealthy habits.
  4. This yoga has a health aspect to help people with injury, illness, and other medical conditions. B.K.S. Iyengar has developed recuperative poses to reset nervous, mental as well as the skeletal system. It is designed to systematically cultivate flexibility, strength, stability, as well as awareness for everyone, regardless of age or any other limitation.

Namastday Yoga Center is the pioneer in the field of yoga. All of their yoga instructors are certified and experienced in this field and offer unmatchable services to their clients. If you also want to acquaint yourself with the world of yoga, get their assistance. To explore more them, call at (310) 923-9922 or visit their website

Taking Self Care Seriously


Is stress affecting your regular lifestyle? Do you suffer from tensed muscles and posture less than perfect? Are you too soon tired? For all these and much more, you need proper physical and mental training which is today popularly done through Yoga.

Yoga is no more a new term and be it for the urban, millennial, octogenarian or children, it has proved to be beneficial for all ages and genders. It is a holistic package that emphasize on bringing soul, mind and body in a state of oneness which is arguably the finest solution for all these health problems.

De-stressing, calming the mind and improved flexibility are the three pillar benefits of practicing Yoga. But when you enroll in any of the Best Yoga studios in Los Angeles, you’ll know how there are some surprising advantages of practicing this health regime.

Advantages of joining a yoga studio

  • Strength training and flexibility

One of the most incredible benefits to your body that Yoga inflicts is strength training and flexibility. The various postures are meant to strengthen the body muscles from inside out which just don’t contribute to look good but feel good as well. When coupled with healthy, organic diet, regular Yoga helps to get the digestive system back on track. It helps to relieve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation and acid reflux. It also helps to stretch and hold postures that can cause muscles to lengthen and hence give a leaner and stronger look.

  • Helps repair muscles

Talking of leaner and stronger muscles, Yoga is hugely beneficial when you need to heal and relax the damaged tissues. This is particularly important if you are suffering from any kind of stiffness due to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles. After a long endurance jog, Yoga is possibly the perfect way to boost the entire workout. On a larger scale, it helps to detoxify the body through methods such as pranayama breathing.

  • Helps in mental development

It is an established fact how Yoga helps to have better sleep. As a chain of reaction, it moves you to the parasympathetic nervous system from the sympathetic nervous system. This eventually helps you become aware of your “shadow” qualities that come through some sort of emotional release. The workout regime increases oxygen intake and therefore promotes growth of neurons. The yogic philosophy of slowing down on creating a more positive mindset also creates a more rationale outlook.

The Yoga Mindset

If you join any of the Best Yoga studios in Los Angeles, you will understand how it is a cult or a belief system that roots its essence in self-inquiry. Be it a meditation, yoga pose, mantra or a breathing technique (pranayama), it has the purpose of encouraging bodies and the life experience in a more meaningful way. What initially seems to be extremely challenging pose can be seamlessly pulled off with a calm mind if you do your yoga practice regularly. All it needs is constant attention and sensitivity which boomerangs into a deeply-felt drive for self understanding.

Studio classes are generally anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours and the number of students vary depending on the instructor or class level.

However, before you join, it is important to understand yoga is no way close to what you do in cardio workout. It is a whole body workout that let you sweat hard and exhaust yourself and eventually lead to a toned body with overall improved health choices.

Join Yoga Workshops for Better Understanding of Yoga




Whether you area fitness enthusiast or is a regular millennial, Yoga is gaining much footprint amongst people regardless of age and gender. This holistic focus in the workout regime helps to attain integration of mind, body, and spirit. All across the globe, there are regular workshops arranged by the experts to understand the therapeutic modalities of the yoga sessions.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced yoga practitioner, attending the Yoga workshops in Los Angeles can be an enriching experience and often leads to more tips and techniques that you miss in just the classroom teachings. Depending on what the session will be, a workshop can last for a long weekend or can be for a couple of hours.

The possibilities are completely different in every workshop sessions. But there is one thing in common – all of them are innately empowering.

If you have ever wondered why to attend the workshops on Yoga, here are some points that might help you understand it better.

  • All Physiques are Different Body

It is necessary to realize each body is unique. In multi-level classes, you can’t always ask questions to your teacher owing to their multi-tasking approach. This is where the yoga workshops are beneficial that has targeted advice and assistance in the workshops. You can learn dedicated poses if you are working with a particular issue, such as lower back pain or likewise.

  • Deeper Understanding

Unlike in studio classes, the Yoga workshops in Los Angeles will make you appreciate how less is more. Asana is a beautiful way to instill in self-understanding and self-awareness. Get meditative lessons about yoga in the workshops.

  • Learning to Shift Awareness

stepping out of your comfort zone is important when trying yoga classes. Getting a new teacher is one such way which mostly happens in workshops. Not just building strength and stamina, which is definitely a major part of the yoga therapy but what it does more is creating a strong sense of self awareness.

If you are looking for instructors who can help you understand the intricacies of Yoga, you will be in for a treat at Namastday. Give your mind and body an enhanced presence with the help of the finest trainers who can make you realize how “yoga helps to endure what cannot be cured.”