Everything you Need to Know before the First Yoga Class

Everybody around you, including your relatives, friends and acquaintances seem to be practicing yoga, more so raving about the countless benefits derived from the same. What’s more, yoga studios seem to be popping up everywhere; in all the lanes and streets around you.

So, enrolling yourself in one is not challenging anymore.  However, since these are your nascent steps into yoga, nothing can be more disheartening than joining a class beyond your level. Twisting and turning as easily as the others may seem like a faraway dream. What’s more, your infant steps forward may soon result in few steps back home. It is therefore, advisable to join a class of yoga for beginners. Since it is meant for beginners, the instructors help you in attaining the right pose and posture. Moreover, the poses and postures are tuned in a way that is not challenging for beginners to practice.

Eliminating the Challenges  

However, despite choosing the best studio and the right class, you might find it intimidating if you are unaware of the basic principles and practices followed by most yoga studios.

So, here’s what you can expect from your first yoga class and tips to be prepared for the same.

  • Conversing on the phone, with classmates and speaking about distressing family issues create negativity and disrupt the harmonious atmosphere of the yoga class. To gain the optimum benefits of yoga, leave negativity, bag and phone outside the class or a significant distance away from your yoga mat.
  • Unlike aerobics and the gym, yoga is mostly practiced barefoot. So, shoes must also be left outside the class. So, wear shoes or footwear that can be easily opened and left outside.
  • A yoga mat is a must have for the yoga class. So, buy a yoga mat before setting your initial footsteps in the class. Some studios rent yoga mats. You can use these until you buy one for yourself.
  • The right apparel plays an important role in proper yoga practice. Wear clothes that wick away sweat. Moreover, it is advisable for women to wear well fitting tops, so that they do not go up while doing certain postures. Comfortably fitted full or three fourth pants are ideal. Conversely, skimpily fitting clothes are a No-No as it can divert the attention of other students towards your clothes, rather than exercise. Remember, you are there for exercise.
  • Ideally, reach the class ten to fifteen minutes ahead of time. Since it is your first class, it gives you an opportunity to meet the teacher, connect, share your concerns and let them know it’s your first time. A good relationship with the teacher has more than one benefit.
  • Although you join Yoga for beginner’s class; you will encounter the usage of new Sanskrit words and mantras. There is a purpose behind using these. So, avoid getting into the details initially, and chant them to enjoy the complete benefits of practicing yoga.

So, prepare yourself for the first steps into a long, enriching and beneficial journey towards a fit mind and body.