Going Upside Down can be Good!

WOW with shock and bewilderment is the most expected reaction while witnessing a person performs the headstand, handstand, shoulder stand or other yoga inversions. The comfort and safety with which they perform is remarkable and enticing. People who are enticed and intend to learn these inversions can join yoga workshops, Los Angeles at Namastday yoga studio.

Benefits of Yoga Inversions

Thanks to the many benefits of yoga inversions, Namastday is conducting Introduction to Inversions workshop. However, prospective students are expected to be attending yoga classes regularly.

Wondering why inversions.

Inversions, although contrary to human nature boast of multiple benefits. Standing against the gravitational force in a pose with the head below the heart seems overwhelming. This said, more accessible and simple versions like the downward dog, legs up the wall are taught at the onset. The tougher ones come gradually.

So, it’s time to shed the apprehensions and make a head start with the workshop at Namastday. Here are some compelling reasons to do so.

  • Standing against the gravitational force enhances blood and oxygen supply to the brain, thereby enhancing memory, concentration and processing abilities.
  • The mundane routine day after day often results in a feeling of slump and lethargy. Well, turning upside down is capable of gearing up the brain and bringing it back into action.
  • Heating inversions are capable of energizing the body. Conversely, cooling inversions like legs up the wall and the shoulder stand help to cool down and relax.
  • The instruction to perform the headstand may be filled with skepticism, anxiety, fear or excitement. However, the ability to perform it builds confidence and a sense of achievement.
  • Elimination of toxins, improved blood circulation, strengthened back and core muscles along with improved posture are the many benefits of yoga inversions.

Students can enjoy the aforementioned benefits with the workshop at Namastday.

For further details, contact them at www.namastday.com

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