Hatha Yoga is Apt for Beginners

So, you have decided to go the YOGA way. However, the countless number of yoga styles (almost 800) may perplex you and leave you wondering about which one is best. You decide to take references. Your friend recommends Ashtanga yoga for weight loss. Your neighbor suggests power yoga for quick results, while your colleague may rave about the multiple benefits of the hot Bikram yoga. What’s more, with students flaunting enticing poses on Instgram, making a choice becomes overwhelming.

Hatha yoga for Beginners

Yoga for beginners is different from yoga for the seasoned. Beginners are just learning. The right posture with the perfect body alignment is the key to good yoga. Beginners are learners. They therefore, require a slow paced yoga style, where they learn and get tuned with the basic and important techniques of yoga. However, this does not make these yoga styles less beneficial. Slow paced yoga is equally popular for physical, spiritual and mental benefits.

Hatha yoga is one such slow faced yoga style. It was born in ancient India. The word Hatha means forceful. However, this form of yoga is not forceful or fast paced. Experts opine that it probably transformed over the years from a once forceful style.

Now you can expect more of stretching, slow exercises focusing on attaining body alignment and posture rather than movement and pace. At the onset, an insight into the right body posture and pose is more important. In fact, hatha yoga classes are also characterized by breathing techniques (Pranayama) and a few minutes of meditation. So, beginners learn the basic and important techniques of yoga, which enables them to move forward to Level 1 Hatha Yoga or Vinyasa yoga eventually.

So, Hatha yoga is the perfect style for a beginner. However, if you find the classes slow paced and boring, do not make the mistake of saying Quits. Yoga studios like Namastday offer fast paced classes of other styles of yoga like Power Yoga, Bikram yoga etc.

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Yoga Workshops for Growth

Yoga is in your soul, in fact, an essential ingredient of your daily routine. Pranayam and asanas are something you can’t do without. After months and years into this journey, it’s time to step a notch higher. The best way to do so is joining yoga workshops Los Angeles.

Here’s why.

  • Yoga workshops deal with a specific topic, like back pain, core strengthening, heart problems etc. It is your chance to deal with a problem you have not been able to address.
  • As all students attending the workshop have a common objective, it is an opportunity to connect with like-minded people.
  • It is your chance to delve deeper into the ocean of yoga. At the regular class, you have been doing a set of asanas and breathing exercises for fitness, weight management or others. Workshops are a great way to learn new yoga techniques and thereby jump to a new level of yoga.
  • You can get answers to questions you could not ask at the regular class. The instructor at the regular class is more focused on helping students practice asanas. They do not have the time for queries. As yoga workshops focus on a specific topic, you can questions that have been in your mind.
  • Yoga workshops mostly stretch into a good number of hours or over a weekend. Thanks to the limited duration, it is more focused on achieving the underlying objective of the workshop. So, you are more focused and therefore, learn better.
  • The learning in a sixty or ninety minute class is certainly limited. Workshops help you explore new and different chapters in the big book of yoga.
  • Repeated classes of the same kind may reduce your commitment. Attending a focused workshop offering new techniques is one of the best ways to revive your interest and commitment.

However, to attain maximum benefits, it is important to join yoga workshops in tune with your goal and objectives.  

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The Importance of Yoga for Beginners’

All your friends and acquaintances seem to be raving about the countless benefits of yoga. What’s more, you are watching them turn energetic, lose the ugly flab and seem relaxed almost all the time. In a bid to attain these benefits quickly, you jump into the band wagon with them. However, odds are high that you are back home soon either because of the physical stress or inability to cope up with others in the class.  In fact, you might not understand yoga at all, take it all wrong and hit the gym or the park once again.

Yoga for Beginners

It is indeed a massive loss. You have probably lost the golden chance to explore the beauty of yoga. So, take one step at a time and join Yoga for beginners’ class.

Beginning your journey into yoga from here has its own set of pluses.

  • When trying to learn a new skill, it is important to understand the techniques slowly. Yoga for beginner’s classes gives you a chance to understand yoga as it is. You will watch more than do and understand what yoga truly is.
  • The instructors in advanced level classes expect you to match the other students and their advanced levels. Conversely, in beginners’ classes, the instructors are more patient, understand the unique needs of new students and help them attain every pose and posture slowly.
  • When everyone is just beginning, there’s no competition of doing better than the others.
  • The classes are conducted at a slow pace, where the instructors and students focus on learning and not performing. So, you get enough time and opportunity to learn. In these classes, you are primarily learning. So, you will learn yoga correctly and even enjoy it rather than shun it.

So, make a start with these classes. However, ensure that the yoga studio you join is the best.

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Everything you Need to Know before the First Yoga Class

Everybody around you, including your relatives, friends and acquaintances seem to be practicing yoga, more so raving about the countless benefits derived from the same. What’s more, yoga studios seem to be popping up everywhere; in all the lanes and streets around you.

So, enrolling yourself in one is not challenging anymore.  However, since these are your nascent steps into yoga, nothing can be more disheartening than joining a class beyond your level. Twisting and turning as easily as the others may seem like a faraway dream. What’s more, your infant steps forward may soon result in few steps back home. It is therefore, advisable to join a class of yoga for beginners. Since it is meant for beginners, the instructors help you in attaining the right pose and posture. Moreover, the poses and postures are tuned in a way that is not challenging for beginners to practice.

Eliminating the Challenges  

However, despite choosing the best studio and the right class, you might find it intimidating if you are unaware of the basic principles and practices followed by most yoga studios.

So, here’s what you can expect from your first yoga class and tips to be prepared for the same.

  • Conversing on the phone, with classmates and speaking about distressing family issues create negativity and disrupt the harmonious atmosphere of the yoga class. To gain the optimum benefits of yoga, leave negativity, bag and phone outside the class or a significant distance away from your yoga mat.
  • Unlike aerobics and the gym, yoga is mostly practiced barefoot. So, shoes must also be left outside the class. So, wear shoes or footwear that can be easily opened and left outside.
  • A yoga mat is a must have for the yoga class. So, buy a yoga mat before setting your initial footsteps in the class. Some studios rent yoga mats. You can use these until you buy one for yourself.
  • The right apparel plays an important role in proper yoga practice. Wear clothes that wick away sweat. Moreover, it is advisable for women to wear well fitting tops, so that they do not go up while doing certain postures. Comfortably fitted full or three fourth pants are ideal. Conversely, skimpily fitting clothes are a No-No as it can divert the attention of other students towards your clothes, rather than exercise. Remember, you are there for exercise.
  • Ideally, reach the class ten to fifteen minutes ahead of time. Since it is your first class, it gives you an opportunity to meet the teacher, connect, share your concerns and let them know it’s your first time. A good relationship with the teacher has more than one benefit.
  • Although you join Yoga for beginner’s class; you will encounter the usage of new Sanskrit words and mantras. There is a purpose behind using these. So, avoid getting into the details initially, and chant them to enjoy the complete benefits of practicing yoga.

So, prepare yourself for the first steps into a long, enriching and beneficial journey towards a fit mind and body.

Yoga Therapy for Better Kids

Kids today are living in a very challenging environment. Competition, peer pressure and expectations have made it difficult for them. What’s more, dealing with the increasing number of temptations and distractions is not at all easy. In such over stimulating situations, having a clam and peaceful mind is indeed a blessing for kids. It allows children to think rationally and not bow down to challenging situations. The best and most inexpensive way to do this is Yoga therapy.

Yoga For Kids

Surprising, but true!

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Yoga does not benefit only the young and elderly. It is extremely beneficial for kids in more than one way.

Here’s a list of these.

  • Breathing techniques in yoga help children connect with their mind and body. They become aware of their feelings and thus, handle them better. What’s more, breathing exercises encourage relaxation in kids.
  • Regular yoga practice strengthens the body and muscles and makes kids physically fit, which is essential in the growing up years.
  • Balancing poses in yoga teach children to focus and pay attention. This results in increased concentration and mindfulness, which enables improvement in all spheres of life.
  • Yoga not only keeps the body fit, but also promotes spiritual and mental fitness.
  • Yoga includes meditation and spirituality. Children understand spirituality from a very young age. Building it in their growing years inculcates spirituality for life.
  • The asanas and poses in yoga help in regulating behavior and increasing attention span.
  • It’s a boon for kids to be strong. Stretching exercises and other asanas increases their strength and makes their bodies fitter for a better tomorrow.

Children learn a host of things from yoga. So, find the best yoga studio to equip your child with most and more.

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Yoga Promotes Weight Loss

Ideally, yoga seems like the form of fitness, which calms down the mind and helps in attaining peace. In fact, it is also linked with pain and stress relief. It is often seen as a slow form of exercise that offers mental and spiritual benefits, while enabling physical fitness. However, it is rarely associated with weight loss.

The physical fitness is also linked with fitness as against weight loss.

Yoga promotes Weight Loss

Yoga workshops in Los Angeles enables weight loss. Regular yoga practice or workshops focusing on weight loss help students reduce weight and feel better about their bodies. Core strengthening, flexibility, improved health and a better lifestyle also come along.

Of course, traditionally yoga was least known for aerobic exercises. However, certain yoga styles do promote weight loss. Yoga styles like Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga etc promise intensive loss of calories. These yoga styles have constant movement; some are vigorous, therefore, promoting weight loss. Deeper stretches, fast paced asanas, back bends etc are a part of these styles. Hot yoga done in a hot environment, Vinyasa yoga and more so are the sweaty yoga styles, which burn calories and drive the inches away from the waist, hips and more.  

Moreover, stress relief reduces stress eating, thus, helping in weight loss. Improved sleep patterns and healthy eating also boost weight loss and improved health. Better eating habits and regular exercise become second nature to students practicing yoga. For yoga is connected with nature and boasts of the various benefits offered by nature. What’s more, meditation and spirituality offer mental strength, which complements physical fitness.

So, overall yoga practice at the right studio with the right instructor is your way to healthy and long lasting weight loss.

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The Right Yoga Style for Therapy

Yoga for Health – is commonly understood by all. In fact, most people practice yoga with a motto to reap health benefits, apart from physical fitness. For, the ones who are practicing it never fail to rave about its multiple benefits in controlling heart problems, back pain, diabetes etc. Thanks to its therapeutic benefits, most yoga is better known as yoga therapy.

yoga , fitness , health , meditation ,

However, there are more than 50 yoga styles. Some are fast paced, others are slow and some others focus on relaxation techniques and meditation. People interested in attaining health benefits often find it challenging to choose a suitable style.

Yoga for Health

The truth is that irrespective of the pace and asanas involved all yoga boasts of therapeutic benefits. All styles include asanas, poses and breathing techniques. So, all yoga is therapeutic. However, the asanas and techniques required for addressing a specific health issue may vary.

For instance: Postures for relief from back pain are different from poses for heart patients. On the other hand, all yoga styles are beneficial for general health improvement.

So, if you intend to address a specific health problem, then you must hunt for yoga therapy workshops matching your needs. Others can join yoga style matching their needs, requirements and personality type.   

The best way to find the apt one is to try out different classes and choose one that motivates you to wake you up in the morning without pressing the snooze button.

Healthy Yoga

Here are some of the yoga styles known for health benefits.

Try these and choose the one that creates an impact on your body and mind.

  • Hatha Yoga is one of the most popular yoga styles. It is more static in nature and is characterized by slow and gentle movements.
  • Iyengar yoga is one of the most popular styles. It was popularized by the well known guru B.K.S. Iyengar. It is better known as yoga for beginners as it focuses primarily on body alignment and attaining the right pose with the help of props like blocks, ropes and others.
  • Ashtanga yoga uses a specific sequence of poses and postures. It is a more active form of yoga and is perfect for athletic people.
  • Power yoga is characterized by its speed. Even the regular poses are done at a faster pace. This is well known for quick weight loss.
  • Kundalini yoga includes meditation, breathing techniques and chanting of mantras along with the respective poses. It is ideal for people looking for calm and peace.
  • Hot yoga is a style of yoga practiced in a room with high temperature. You would sweat profusely and lose weight fast.

Each yoga style has its own set of breathing techniques, poses and postures. Try each one and choose the one on the basis of your needs, expectations and goals from a yoga class. Your decision should also be based on the place you live in, injuries, medical conditions etc. Lastly, find a studio that boasts of a favorable environment and experienced instructors.

Things to Look for while Choosing a Yoga Studio

Yoga is one of the best ways to relax your body and mind both together. While yoga is at the peak of popularity, the genuineness of the same has often been affected. There are many yoga classes which are not worth going for – their methods and teachings might not be right.

Hence, before you choose the best yoga studio in Los Angeles, do take the following points under consideration:

  • An environment Comfortable Enough

A good and refreshing environment is very important to unwind. A well-designed yoga studio will generally have wooden floors, plenty of open space and a calming color scheme. Choose your studio as per your personal preference.

  • Experienced Yoga Instructors

For the best yoga classes, the teacher must be well experienced, energetic and passionate about teaching the students. A good yoga instructor will know how far to push the students and what can or cannot be done by the class.

  • Research According to the Yoga Types

There can be different types of yoga taught in different studios. Choose the one that suits your body and preference.

  • Find the one that Fits your Lifestyle

Choose the one you can afford – both time and money wise. Also, location and distance from your place should also be noted.

If you want to start yoga as a beginner or want to restart, Namastday Yoga might be the perfect choice for you. Sign up at http://www.namastday.com/ for scheduling your classes.